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Honeyblossom Collies & Shelties are nurtured in a very loving home with true

  dedication to produce quality in health, temperament, intelligence and longevity.

Not only do Honeyblossom Collies & Shelties make loving and loyal companions,

they also excel in the conformation and performance ring.

Carol Steiner  -   815 485 7022

Available For Adoption-Serious Inquires Only Please

Very special six month old tri-color male Collie Puppy.

All puppy shots, well-being care excellent, start of obedience training

and most wonderful is the true Collie temperament.


Available For Adoption-Serious Inquires Only Please

Sable & White Female pictured below.

"Blue" is current with all vaccines, microchip, by parentage

clear of VWd, MDR1 Normal/Normal, Normal Eyes, Full Dentition

Excellent Hips and a loving Sheltie Temperament.





GCh. Ch. Honeyblossom's Secret Agent Man CD BN TDI HIC

My special boy "PATRICK"


Ch. Honeyblossom's Angels Keep Secrets (18 months old)

Grand points-5 point major, champion defeated. (6 points to date)

GCH. CH. Honeyblossom's Secret Agent Man CD BN TDI HIC

x Honeyblossom's Tropical Peach Delight


I was the little girl who wore coveralls, had a turtle in her pocket and a puppy as my shadow.  Never being able to afford a pedigree Collie, my parents allowed me to have mixed breeds.

Of course, I would pick from the litter the puppy that reminded me most of beautiful "Lassie."  Oh, the white blaze and white collar and can't forget the white tip on the tail were definite markings that you owned a Collie.

Later in life, a pedigree Collie named "Summer" came into my life.  My girl loved her every minute with me and I cherished our time in play and working for those performance titles.

I became dedicated to the Collie breed and wanted to learn everything about them.  I learned the Collies coat was its crowning glory and thus I learned to groom my Collies with style and perfection.

From the obedience ring to the conformation ring, I presented my quality Collies to the judges. I pride myself with homebred champions.  Thus, responsibility of my Collies is totally mine.  Breeding, raising the young, healthcare, doing all my own handling at the shows, is a love of enjoyment.

When you look into the eyes of a Collie, your heart takes over with their melting expression and a bonding begins that will last forever.  My Collies helped me raise my four children and even helped to train my husband learning patience and understanding.  You can count on the Collie to be a loyal family member that does not want to stray from home but always protective to the ones it loves.

When I put my arms around my Collies and say the words "I Love You" tears come to my eyes as they mean so much to me.  God has given me a special gift in the Collie and you will feel a sense of honor by bringing a Collie into your life.

As you can see,  a new love has come into my life.  Four years ago, I purchased my first Sheltie named "Vinnie."  What a joy to own.   I have begun my show career with my Shelties and soon "Vinnie" and "Ricky" will be champions as they both only need one major to earn their title. 


I am honored to have been accepted into the

American Kennel Club

Breeder of Merit Program.