How hard it is to let go.

I know I did the right thing.

Your dignity is most

important to me.

Suffering you will not

be allowed to do.

I loved you so much,

I had to let go,

pain is not for you

to endure.

Blue heavens and

sweet angels

are watching over you now.

Your love and memories

in my heart will always be

forever and ever as

long as I shall be.

My love, you were loved,

like no other love,

for you were so special to me

in every way you

could think of.

Sleep softly, my boy and

when you awake you will be

in the arms of our maker

who created you for me.

In my heart,

you will forever be.


Carol Steiner

Writing poems is a way
I express my feelings
when heartache comes
my way.




Honeyblossom's Let Me Be Me

My sweet boy "Patch", I lost you at such a young age.  Both majors at nine months and on your way to your championship. May you and "Berry" romp & play together in the blue heavens above.



Ch. Honeyblossom's Solo In Blue

Your effortless movement on our mile runs, your steadfast loyalty to stay at my side from start to finish.  Your companionship and loving moments have filled my heart forever.  It is only time until we meet again in the blue heavens above.

"TEDDY" Honeyblossom's Sweet Teddy Bear CDX, CGC

Thank you "Teddy" for being my wonderful companion, pet therapy collie and obedience collie. My Special Boy!

               Ch. Honeyblossom Petals of Love "CINDY"

             Our beautiful Lady of Honeyblossom.

             August 8, 1996 - November 11, 2008

My happiness was most important to "Cindy."  Always ready to please and show like a queen in the show ring earning her championship and many Best Of Breed.  Truly you will be missed my girl but in time we will be together sharing our love once again.

Ch. Overland Honeyblossom's Gino "GINO"

A trusting companion who never left my side.

I carry you softly in my heart until we meet again.